Moneybookers Scam or not?

January 31, 2010 By: admin

Moneybookers seems to be a legitimated payment processing system which can be used to send or accept payments online. Moneybookers is not a scam, I have been using it since 3 years and I am fully satisfied with it. In fact, I prefer it over Paypal due to several factors. However, their verification system is a little more complicated which sometimes becomes annoying but other than that they are better than almost all money wallets out there.
Moneybookers support many such countries which paypal don’t support so MB is getting popular very quickly. Ebay which is a very reputable website now has added Moneybookers as a payment transfer method as well. Dynadot is a domain registrar which accepts moneybookers as well and many good hosting companies also accept it so it is a good deal for webmasters as well.
Currently it is not possible to transfer payment between Paypal and Moneybookers however it will be a good thing if they enable cross wallet transactions. Moneybookers right now doesn’t seem to have a good charge back feature so you should verify that the buyer is not a scam before you pay using moneybookers, since you won’t be able to get your money back once paid.
I have only received one scam report about moneybookers which is as follows:
“Dear notscam Admin, I am a web developer. A few days ago, Moneybookers locked my account and they told me to prove my identity by sending them my passport, driving license or national identity card. I sent them the documents but my account is still locked. I have almost $620 in my account and now my money is lost. I gathered that money after doing many freelance jobs and they took it like a piece of cake. Since I am not getting my money back, I want to let everybody know what they have done to me.”

Since this is the only scam report I have received for moneybookers so far, I assume that the person who sent me this message might have some identification error in his documents or his account details which might have flagged his account causing him to lose to money. I personally think he can recover the money by properly contacting moneybookers support or by personally visiting their office. Please feel free to post your experience with moneybookers in the public opinion section bellow.

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41 Public Reviews to “Moneybookers Scam or not?”

Review Posted By Naeem
Time February 2, 2010 at 1:15 pm

I have no problems with moneybookers. I am using it from a long time and i like it very much. If they have blocked some one’s account then i am sure it is due to some valid reasons. They also once blocked my account and asked for verification, i sent them an image of my NIC card and Driving Licence and my account was activated. I got no problem afterwards even i have transfered thousands of dollars using Moneybookers till now. Remember, legal financial services always verify your identification before giving to access to long term financial services and we should not take is wrong.

Review Posted By Bill Neel
Time April 13, 2010 at 2:18 pm

Moneybookers takes no responsibility and has lost over $1,200 of mine.

Terrible customer service.

I have been a moneybookers customer for over four years now. Sometimes they are slow in transferring money but now it is over 1 month and they say that their 3rd party bank made the transfer to my bank in the states and they consider the case closed!

They have not provided a trace number or any other information except an email stating that the money was transferred and they are not responsible.

I would never recommend this company to anyone. Be careful, your hard earned money could be gone in a mouse click.

Review Posted By isaah
Time April 23, 2010 at 1:20 pm

Moneybookers may be legitimate, but there
security system by mailing small amts to verify
credit and user accounts led to a scam on my
credit card, where other people where charging
small amounts constantly and without verification.
I agree terrible customer service, and I never
received any money back.

Review Posted By gary porter
Time May 25, 2010 at 5:12 pm

had an account for 2years no problems nothing in the way of large or unusal transactions
locked my account asked for id which i gave them then got this email :

Following an audit of your account by our security department, we must advise that your account will now remain closed. Based on your transaction history, we have reasonable grounds to discontinue our business relationship. Moneybookers have the right to recover from you any costs or losses incurred as a direct or indirect result of this breach of our terms and conditions with the value of 72.91 Euros.

still trying to get my £70 out
not impressed

Review Posted By Chad
Time June 15, 2010 at 5:55 pm

I set up a moneybookers account so I could pay my web design guy in Sri Lanka. He says he cannot accept paypal over there. Paypals site has sri lanka on this list.

After setting up the MB account and verifying everything. I still did not get a link to send money. I TRIED CANCELLING THE ACCOUNT and low and behold, THERE IS NO CANCELLATION LINK ON THIS SITE.

I have removed all of my accounts info and sent an email asking that my account be cancelled immediatley. Just have a bad feeling about that site…


Review Posted By Dawn
Time July 9, 2010 at 4:59 am

I never heard of Moneybrokers. But, someone using Moneybrokers hacked into my checking account and took small amounts of money at a time from March 2010 thru today… total stolen = $250. Monitor your banking statements closely. The amounts withdrawn were $10, $20, #39.99, and $40. The transaction fees were .30, .60, and $1.20. My bank reimbursed my account $150, but I’m still out $100. And, the bank doesn’t care about Moneybrokers. To quote the bank rep “We are not going to go after Moneybrokers… it’s up to you to monitor and report illegal activity.”

Review Posted By Dawn
Time July 9, 2010 at 5:01 am

Oops !! I meant to say… MoneyBookers, not Moneybrokers !!

Review Posted By Dan
Time July 22, 2010 at 9:48 am

Someone made a transaction for me a week and a half ago, and I still can’t withdraw it. They’ve asked me for some verifications, which I’ve sent them (identity card), but their customer service is terrible and they simply don’t answer my emails.
I wonder if the person who sent me the money will be able to get it back, because they simply disappeared…

Review Posted By edwin
Time July 31, 2010 at 5:30 am

I know for sure is they are really arrogant scheming trickster who hid behind all the rules they make. I experienced these things I’ve experienced kakarena closed my account and I can not open another account with any reason for using it even though I’m sure is true that I never violated the regulations made by them and have been through all phases of account verification. Heart careful of fraudsters called Moneybookers.

Review Posted By HL
Time August 2, 2010 at 10:49 am

I set up moneybookers account and they closed it after sending initial money for “security reasons” and then asked for identity documents (passport + utility bill). I am NOT comfortable sending this information over the internet to ANYONE as you have no guarantees these documents to be safe. It is easy to commit identity theft using these and to make moneybookers take responsibility is for sure almost impossible (who to contact and where). If this would happen in your bank atleast you can go to the counter and talk to someone in person.

No matter what the regulations are I am not going to give them information (they might even sell it, who knows) and I rather lose the initial amount.

They should ask this WHEN OPENING the account, NOT AFTER, like they do in normal bank (as they claim to be…)

Review Posted By Edoardo
Time August 11, 2010 at 1:53 am

MoneyBookers is sort of an European version of PayPal, it works, but only for the EU (European Union).

The rest don’t work despite they say yes, IF YOU LIVE IN USA, AVOID THEM AT ANY COST, They dont operate with residents in USA, I requested a transfer since April, where I changed my Country of Residence to USA, the transfer has been REJECTED by my Bank 4 times already, if you contact them via customer service, forget EU, forget UK, a freaking Indian Outsourcing Call Center, the WORST, I requested several times to speak with a Manager, they dont respond, only the same freaking answers obviously theyt just COPY/PASTE ‘standarized’ answer emails, THEY NEVER GONNA TREAT YOU LIKE THE CUSTOMER YOU DESERVE TO BE.

Review Posted By maurice
Time August 30, 2010 at 1:37 pm

Thanks for all your comments. I was looking into opening an account with moneybookers but going by what you people have experienced, I now know better. Thanks for saving my hard earned cash. I emailed them asking for info and they replied within 24hours sounding serious and professional. Give it to them, they are smart scammers. One of a kind where even the law finds it difficult to prosecute them. They will effectively run a few accounts successfully and scam the larger accounts and penalise those account holders for breaching their ‘strict rules’. Sick …sses!!!!

Review Posted By Tim
Time September 28, 2010 at 5:23 am

Do not use Moneybookers EVER. Someone somehow hacked my password and stole all my money. I called moneybookers support half a dozen times emailed them several times. It took like 2 weeks until I finally got someone to talk to me from customer support. In the end the answer I got was “thank you for contacting Moneybookers Customer Support.

We appreciate your enquiry and would like to inform you that the funds have left or system and we therefore are not able to go through with the refund.”

thats all. My money is gone…

Review Posted By Dean
Time September 30, 2010 at 12:07 pm

I opened an account less than a month ago – never been a victim of fraud – never had an account hacked in 10 years of internet use – yet have been stung for 1400 euro by moneybookers.
Customer service is the worst – I am not hopeful of getting the money back through them as things stand

Review Posted By Chris
Time October 8, 2010 at 9:13 am

DEAN – If you live in the UK, AND everything you entred on your account is true. Take them to the small claims court. You will get your money back, plus more for your trouble. Lots of people have done this in the UK and got extra back due to time wasted.

Anyone in the UK should do this to Moneybookers.
I promise you, you will get your money back if all your details are correct and you can prove it.

Review Posted By Penny
Time October 16, 2010 at 7:46 pm

If not a scam, they are guilty of very sharp practice.

I ordered something worth just under £50 from a small trader’s specialist website. When I tried to pay by visa card, it sent me to moneybookers. I had to open an account. It wanted my life history, took my money (which I uploaded) and the next day the trader emailed to say they had trouble with moneybookers and could not get the payment so could I use another method? So I want to close the moneybookers account, but they want at least £1.57 to let me have my cash back. I have raised a complaint and await events, but not a site I will ever use again.

Review Posted By Bill
Time October 18, 2010 at 5:36 pm

I tried several times over the course of two days to set up a Moneybookers account. Besides asking for a lot of very questionable information, they consistently got the expiration year of the credit card wrong. As soon as I tried to use the account the transaction failed and my bank called me with a fraud warning about the transaction. I called the call center twice and got the usual Moombai call center employee. I was able to verify that they had somehow managed to translate the correct info I gave them into the wrong year. I told them to cancel my account and I immediately canceled that credit card.

My opinion is that any company that would screw up that critical piece of information gathering is a phishing/scam outfit. I figure that as soon as they think I’m ‘not looking’ they’ll correct that expiration year info and start to slowly drain my account. And seeing as they have no ‘presence’ stateside, they are a liability through and through. I reported their activity to ICCC.

Review Posted By Jade
Time October 31, 2010 at 1:21 pm

If you scroll up 1 posting from yours, Chris responded to Dean saying “If you live in the UK, AND everything you entred on your account is true. Take them to the small claims court. You will get your money back, plus more for your trouble. Lots of people have done this in the UK and got extra back due to time wasted.

Anyone in the UK should do this to Moneybookers.
I promise you, you will get your money back if all your details are correct and you can prove it.”
I am only telling you this as sometimes when a person has been Scammed, one does not think to look at all of the other posts. Just Sayin’

I would like to say thank you to all of you for these warnings. E-bay advocates the use of Moneybookers, however, they don’t state anything about whether they will or will not work in certain countries.

I think I will stick with PayPal as there are very few places that they do not service.

Again, Thank you for all of the warnings.

Review Posted By Sonit Garg
Time November 4, 2010 at 5:50 pm

Never open account at moneyBookers,they will scam you once with all your money.

I used moneybookers for for months but few days back when I sent 300 pound to my moneybookers account and then i got an email that my account got credited with 300 pounds after sometime when i login to my moneybookers account there was nothing I was fucked,I contacted the help desk they said 10 days back your transaction failed so that why we charged the amount. how the hell can they debit my account without sending any information of transaction failed and they debited my whole account.I don’t know how many scams they have did. Hope i read this before and didn’t used moneybookers

Review Posted By dan
Time November 6, 2010 at 9:11 am

I have been with moneybookers for a few years and never had a problem. It seems to me from these comments that there is no evidence of fraud, just very poor customer services.

The fact that they have very strict rules and have to stick to them is all down to the law. It has to be harsh in order to limit the ability of bad people funding drug and human traffiking as well as terrorism.

If you use moneybookers you should act with caution, but then again you should be careful when giving personal information to anyone and handing out your information. Banks will do exactly the same thing if they suspect a person of acting fraudulently. I hope this helps and good luck, but most importantly be careful

Review Posted By yutopia
Time November 10, 2010 at 10:14 pm

if this many people have had problems with them why the hell would you risk it? it seems to me that have they have gotten away with millions and millions and continue to do it because no one has stopped them yet. there should be a class action lawsuit and put them out of business for good, they are disgusting.

Review Posted By goranm
Time January 11, 2011 at 4:47 pm is carefully designed scam.

Their support system is intentionally designed to be extremely inefficient. Once you enter moneybookers support hell it will last for weeks if not for months. In this way they have daily a large amount of money for which they know for sure that cannot be withdrawn. If you have in mind that have over 14.8 million account holders you can easily figure out that we are talking about millions of Euros stolen each day.

Review Posted By Mohamed
Time January 23, 2011 at 10:53 am

i used mooneybookers for a month ago and then closed my account cuz i open a new account and i have old closed account
i ask them to open it again and i will gice them any warranty , u already have all my documents passport and bill and the answer is this decision is final.
i want to say by this way mooneyvookers loses customers so mooneybookers didn’t need customers ?

Review Posted By Arsenty
Time February 19, 2011 at 2:10 am

They have decided I’m a money launderer or such and just suspended my account. I’m a software engineer, though..

Have no time to write them another email which they might answer not sooner than in a week. So I’ve just lost about $50.

Review Posted By InOrder
Time February 19, 2011 at 2:21 am

Everything had worked great until a regular transaction to my local bank account was declined by them with no explanation at all.
My account was locked. I started sending them the documents they asked for. BTW, it takes a week to get a response from their security&theft department. Like if they want a person to remit their debt.

Then they sent the money I was transferring to a local bank-account back to my overseas card. Ok, but the remaining balance is still locked on my account and they don’t answer my emails. I’m an absolutely legal contractor (software development) that simply want to get paid with no delays and such.

Maybe they just decided I earn too much for a single person from a developing country. I have no other idea what bug bite them but I suppose THIS IS A THEFT, simply. I’m glad it’s not a large sum that they steal.

How many others like me do they steal from?
How many of them can’t even explain the situation they got into?
How many of them are from poor countries and are in real need of money they lose?

I will never use their services again.

Review Posted By Leon
Time March 1, 2011 at 10:39 am

Excerpt from their rules. “(1) the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) does not apply to funds stored on your Moneybookers account; (2) if Moneybookers Ltd. becomes insolvent the funds stored on your Moneybookers account may become valueless and unusable; and (3) consequently, if Moneybookers Ltd. becomes insolvent you may lose the funds stored in your account.”

If you want to lose all your money moneybooker is the best solution for you. Just try to write a letter for them before registering :).
“Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:
Technical details of permanent failure:Recipient address rejected: We do not accept customer service enquires sent to or any other email address. For all enquiries regarding your Moneybookers account, please use our Messaging Centre which can be found on the contact page of our website. (state 14).”

Maybe you should to call them :D? O, yeah you need to try minimum 1000 times :D(if you are lucky) and in the end you will get nothing :). This is the joke of course. You will get less amount of your money on your mobile phone.

Their support :D. If you will write more than two letters in the same time (their rules) you will never get answer. If you will write one letter you will get answer after 2 months(it is my case). Do you will get useful information? Answer is NO!!!!!!!!!!. You need to send another email and wait 2 months again :D.

You want to change your currency? “Your currency cannot be changed because your account has transaction history. Do NOT open a new Moneybookers account. This is strictly against our terms and conditions and results in account closure.”
Last transaction No transaction history
O yeah :).

Others problems. Then you try to verify your bank account you will get this error.

You have entered the incorrect amount. You must wait 24 hours before we will allow you to make another attempt. Our service department will be unable to assist you during this period.
Please check again on your statement for the exact amount in EUR. If your credit/debit card issuer does not show the amount in EUR, you cannot verify your card with Moneybookers. Do NOT try and guess the amount!

It is your choose of course to use their system or not, but I think if you want to get money on your account you better to use another ways, in worse case Paypal, in best bank merchant account.

If you use Paypal then I need to have the same currency in your bank account and in your paypal account.

Best Regards

Review Posted By Chris
Time March 11, 2011 at 8:15 pm

THIS IS A SCAM!!! it asked me all this information thats privae and said there was an error. supposively my bank called askin me for information but it was the website then my actual bank called and said there was a problem with a transaction. luckily it did not work so dont make the mistake i almost made!

Review Posted By Robert
Time March 25, 2011 at 10:49 am

I would not recommend moneybookers, I opened an account with them but then decided to close it, the problem is after sending 3 emails requesting
the closure of my account they simply do not reply or close the account.
There is no email address to send them an email where you have a copy of what you sent, you must send the email from your account where no copy of what you sent is saved.
I wonder why they do not have a close account button in your account like paypal, Beware.

Review Posted By Scarlet
Time March 31, 2011 at 4:30 pm


I opened an account with the intention of paying for internet telephone services. However, immediately after I transferred money into the account, and before I could set up the transfer out 10 minutes later, Moneybookers had frozen my account and requested identity documents. IT SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT AS PART OF SET UP NOT AFTER IT HAD MY MONEY!!!


I used my ‘right to cancel’ and informed them that I would not supply further information given that my bank was telling me they were untrustworthy. They lifted the block on the account but still charged me to transfer my money back to my bank account. I have complained to the Financial Services Authority who apparently regulates them. HOW CAN A COMPANY REGULATED BY THE FSA ACT IN A WAY THAT OTHER BANKS CONSIDER THEIR ACTIONS TO BE ILLEGITIMATE AND GET AWAY WITH IT?


Review Posted By Seizhin
Time April 14, 2011 at 5:19 am

I’m very unhappy with

I’m an old client for for various purposes, but I’m looking for other alternatives and my clients have been telling me to use MoneyBookers.

After various of checking for months, I decided to open an account and 3 days ago, I started my very first transaction by letting one of my client sent me money.

I have verified my address (the letter was sent to my house with the code) and I had confirmed the code in the website as well. My credit limit was increased and I’m ready to withdraw the sum my client sent me.

It was $250 USD. On 11th April I withdrew the sum. The next day, I logged in to check for any updates and found that my withdrawal was canceled along with a deduction of $3 for “withdrawal” failure.

The reason was: “Following an audit of your account, we must advise that your account has been frozen. Please provide the following documents: – A full colour copy of a valid, official identification document; such as your international passport (double page), national identity card or drivers licence (front and back). This is required in order for us to verify your identity. – A copy of a paper utility bill (Gas Bill/Electricity Bill) or bank statement issued in the last three months clearly displaying your name and address that has been received at the registered postal address detailed on your Moneybookers account. This is required in order for us to verify your address. The required documents/information should be sent via email to ”

Okay, I was disappointed by the horrible scam here. If they really need the documents, they should have asked them BEFORE I created the account. Asking the documents AFTER I have money in the account is a way to FORCE me to hand the document to them.

With no choice, I sent them the scanned Driving License (Front and Back) and my Credit Card statement on March 2011. In the scanned document, I stated that “For use only by, to verify the ownership of the account “” and the legal ownership”

It’s going to be 48 hours soon and I have yet to receive any replies from

I used to think Paypal was horrible, but their customer service replied and always helps whenever there’s problem.

Now since I cannot confirm the withdrawal, I cannot ship out the goods my client ordered.

This is horrible, and yes, is horrible.

Review Posted By Zajko11
Time May 30, 2011 at 2:36 pm

My account was closed yesterday without any reason. I have been using my account only for betting purposes, there was no rule broken.
My second but the worst problem is, that I deposited money to a bookmaker using Moneybookers and now I can´t get money back, since this bookmaker does not allow to make payout in the other way then the deposit was made. Does anybody have the same experience? I really don´t know what to do

Review Posted By james
Time August 16, 2011 at 4:15 pm

Moneybookers should not be a business ,i was with them for a year no problems , they always pester me by e-mail to get a moneybooker mastercard , so i got one . i gamble online casino and over a 3 month period i win £4,000 and use the mastercard to spend some winnings , everything is legal i do . but they close my account and freeze my money for 3 weeks . i was ignored for 3 weeks so i told them i would visit their london office and bring police i would not complain to fsa i would have them charged with fraud . they give me my money straight away , absolute thieves.. AVOID .

Review Posted By Rick
Time August 25, 2011 at 8:43 pm

I set up a Moneybookers (MB) account today ONLY because a client in Kosovo was unable to pay me through PayPal. While filling out the application, I was given a choice to verify my identity using my Social Security Number or my address. When I clicked on the SSN button I noticed that the next screen that came up was NOT a secure page – no “https” in the URL and no closed “lock” in the upper right corner. When I realized I was about to send my SSN over an unsecured page, I backspaced and selected the mailing address button.

Another “red flag” went up when my personal bank account was displayed two different ways. For example, if my acct. # was 960671, the confirmation # was displayed on the application as 960*71, leaving any hacker (or administrator) only one number to “guess” my full account number. However, in the e-mail I received confirming that my MB account had been successfully activated, my bank acct. # was displayed as 96*671, effectively removing any doubt to any hacker (or administrator) as to my FULL, personal bank account number!

I’m going to do some research and report my experience to a state agency that investigates internet fraud. I no longer trust Moneybookers. Too many things just don’t “feel” right.

Review Posted By Peter W
Time September 26, 2011 at 11:09 am

I also confirm, YES! Moneybookers is a scam! See below why:

My story is (unfortunately) very similar to what you’ve read above.
I had an account running for 1 year without any problem. I could credit or pay things online without any problem until recently when about $50 was remaining on my account. I tried to buy a $20 utility soft and I happened to be informed that my account was locked. (?)
Started weeks of emails exchange with the famous “” and they went on asking me for documents including a color copy of my passport + this and that…
I sent a photo of it + an electricity bill with my name and address clearly visible but now they want an enlarged copy of my passport again (?)

I mean this thing can go on forever especially they NEVER tell you who is writing. You just get a mail without any name or identification on their side. Everything is always signed with “Kind regards, Moneybookers Security” So you are supposed to send a bunch of personal data to anyone overthere…Quite scary…

Reading this page and many other on the net, it is clear that they have some lines code to automatically lock any account approaching a balance of $50 so that they can keep these funds. They know that people will finally be sick and tired of endless emails where every time 2 /3 days pass in between any answer…
This is the typical scam method and it’s a shame for a supposed to be official company regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of the United Kingdom
YES a shame!
Anyway, if you’ve read this page and u still feel like opening an account with them, only blame yourself when you’ll be ripped off as you’ve been more than warned!

Review Posted By Cullen
Time November 1, 2011 at 6:35 am

I agree with Peter. They are bunch of stupid guy who love to unlock your account for their personal gain.

From last 4 years, my account was good and I never faced any issues. But recently when I received money, they unlocked my accoutn and asked for passport copy and tax document. I provided them immediately but they do not bother to respond.

When i call them, they send a mail next day asking for some more details… again I reply to them and they dont answer for a week. Again I give a call to their customer service and they response with some additional question…

Everytime they will ask some more question which are totally irrelevent and stupid.

This is getting continued from last 2 months and they are just irritating..

You should avoid them at any cost

Review Posted By Helga Pataki
Time December 2, 2011 at 9:04 am

Moneybookers is SHIT CRAP, don’t ever use Moneybookers, they will block your account when you will HAVE money in and will come up with a stupid reason that it was a hack attempt or something and will NOT return you the money. Also their “support” is ZERO… the majrity of time they DON’T answer at all, or if they answer (one from a million) they answer you in Months.
You will also have problems withdrawing the money, sometimes the money will NOT come to your bank and you will have to dispute with them, and of course the only way is Email, and like I said earlier they DON’T respond to emails at all.

BEWARE. DON’T USE Moneybookers. They’re SHIT CRAP.

Review Posted By James
Time December 2, 2011 at 8:04 pm

They froze my account I only opened it last week and they froze the account for no reason asking for the same stupid things each time and now wand the same id again to unlock the account wasting my time.

Review Posted By Ben
Time January 25, 2012 at 11:44 pm

Just hacked thru this site, $615 stolen and spent on some gambling site in the uk, absolutly rediculas

Review Posted By Reporter
Time April 16, 2012 at 2:13 pm

I received an email from Moneybookers with a spoofed emailed address at “” claiming I needed to update my information. Just the fact that they send spam from a spoofed email address is enough to convince that they are fully aware that they cater to scammers, just like MEGAUPLOAD.COM.

Review Posted By leona
Time April 17, 2012 at 11:34 am

Moneybookers suddenly froze my account without warning after me using it for 3 months with no problems, they asked for id, – passport, drivers license, utility bill, which if it is legally required why not ask in the first place, why suddenly freeze your account without warning? Paypal do not do this, Paypal ask for additional information and give you enough time to provide it without freezing your account, for moneybookers to treat a customer like this is despicable, it held up my business transactions for 3 days, leaving me with angry buyers. Also, if this information really is required by law, how come Paypal do not ask for it? I thought Moneybookers was a good thing enabling me to pay in usd by card without charge, now after being treated that way I think they are despicable.

Review Posted By BOATENG
Time May 19, 2014 at 11:16 am

moneybrookers is GOOD
I have tried and tested

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