White Van Speaker Scam

January 30, 2010 By: admin

While traveling in the city areas, you will often see delivery vans running on the roads. Many of them are indeed delivery vans but beware of some black sheep out there waiting for you to be scammed by them. We have received reports from some website visitors that some fake delivery vehicles are on the roads with fake company logos and low quality speaker products inside them. They scammers first park their vehicle on the roadside and look for a person who seems to have a fat valet. They start their conversation by waving their hands to stop the victim’s vehicle. When the victim starts the conversation with them, they pretend to be delivery men and tell the victim that they have many high quality speakers inside their vehicle which they can sell to that person for a very low amount due to the fact that they got them without paying anything. Usually they say that they got them due to an inventory error in their company inventory system. They try to convince the victim that they are selling speakers worth the price of several thousands in less than half of the actual price. Due to their psychological attack and marketing tactics, victim often becomes interested. Further more the scammers usually show the victim the fake but original looking business cards, company booklets and even the company website using their notebook/laptop. All this info is often enough to convince the victim and the scammers got their money. In the end, some of the scammers even ask for the buy a bear money in return of offering such a good deal to the victim buyer. This way, they often get extra money. The victim ends up in purchasing the speakers assuming he is very lucky to have such high quality speakers in such a low price. But actually all his money is wasted and the speakers are useless having an extremely low quality output and don’t even have the basic necessary operational features.
Recent White Van Scam Report:
A person names Ryan sent me an email telling me the whole story about what happened to him.
“I was driving by the branson road and I saw two persons standing beside a big package and a white colored delivery van. They requested me to give them a minute or two. Unfortunately I decided to hear what they say. They told me that their company inventory guy gave them an extra sound system accidently which they want to sell to me as they cannot return that sound system to the company store as it is located in a very distant city and that they cannot afford to burn so much gas. They showed me the warranty card and I purchased the speaker system in the end. When I came home and opened the speaker package, there was nothing inside the speaker system’s body but garbage. I was shocked, not because I lost money, but because I was mentally shocked due to being scammed.”
What if I am a victim of white van speaker scam already?
If you have already lost your money to the white van scammers then it is a good idea to report them immediately to the local authorities, if you cannot do so then at least post the city where you were scammed in “the public opinion” section bellow so that other people in your area can stay alert to take care of these white van scammers.

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