What is Phishing Email Scam?

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It is possible that some day you receive an email from your bank or trusted company asking you to verify your information. It may look real because it is usually designed to fool you into handing over your important account or personal information. This type of scam is called Phishing. Most of us have to deal with online businesses in order to buy or sell various items. To conduct these transactions, we have to deal with sensitive information; there is nothing wrong with it as long as you work with the reputable and well established organizations. However some times what you see is not actually what it should be. Sometimes criminals disguise themselves like those reputable organizations and fool you into thinking that you are dealing with your trusted organization but actually you are dealing with the scammers. They do so in order to collect your important information like passwords, pin numbers and account numbers. You should be aware of such scams before you fall a victim to them.
Here is an example:
You receive an email message from your trusted bank. They want you to click on a link in the email and verify your account information there. You are fooled into thinking that this email is legit and you click on the link and see a login area which looks like similar to the login area of your bank. Once you login there, you have done yourself a big harm. The login information you just entered is actually sent to a criminals who will use it for whatever purpose they want including but not limited to withdrawal of you funds or transfer of your funds into your account and using your account for spamming.
Usually such phishing emails are identifiable only If you give a little attention to the email. Mostly such emails include a message to scare you like “Your account has been accessed illegally!” or “Your account is locked, please verify your account info” etc. They usually insist you to click on a link as well. Don’t click on links within your emails especially when they look suspicious. Phishing emails may also include grammatical or spell mistakes. For example, they usually don’t know your name so they will use words like “Dear Valued Customer”, Dear Client, etc. Remember, Phishing emails usually have the same interface which your bank’s or organization has including logos and other areas. Don’t take an email easy which asks for your information. Usually financial organizations don’t need your passwords or pin numbers so contact your organization directly instead of clicking on a link inside the email in such cases. If you happen to receive such phishing email, don’t panic, it is harmless unless you click on the links inside, just delete it and you are safe. However, if you want to go a step ahead, you should report such phishing email on your concerned anti-phishing authorities or websites. If you have accidently entered your information using a link in such phishing email, immediately contact your original organization and let them know about what has happened. If you happen to do a lot of financial transaction then you may consider using anti-phishing software as well. Checking your Credit Reports, Balance Sheets and Account reports regularly will also help in avoiding such phishing scams. If you see any suspicious change in your financial documents, report it to the concerned authorities immediately. Remember, such scams are growing on internet day by day. You need to stay informed about such scams in order to protect yourself.

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..Example ..Subject Important NOTICE Registration Suspension..Important Craigslist Information..We recently have determined that different computers have logged into your account and multiple password failures were present before the login. Therefore your account has been blocked..To avoid deletion of your Craigslist account please Sign In .Click here to confirm your Craigslist account. The note states ..WARNING scammers may try to steal your username and password by sending you an official-looking email with a link to a fake craigslist login page that looks like the page youre on now hoping youll type in your username and password.

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