What is Not Scam.com?

September 06, 2010 By: admin

NOT SCAM.COM is a scam and fraud prevention platform where we post information about legitimacy of various businesses and websites out there. Our aim is to protect you from countless scammers on the internet. It is a painful experience to lose your hard earned money to some scam website. Sadly internet doesn’t give you much protection against scams. An average person usually cannot afford to proceed with legal actions against scammers due to lack of time, money and due to difference or regional laws. If you are victim of a scam then the least you can do is to send your story to us  (report@notscam.com) and we will let everybody know about the scammer. We are pretty sure this will make the scammer’s life a bit harder and thus will give you some mental peace. Secondly, you can also search our website to check for scam or fraud reports of a product or service before buying it.
If someone scammed you then ignoring him means you are giving him opportunity to rip off more people like you. There is only one ways to stop a scam on the internet and that is by exposing it on the websites like NOT SCAM. A lot of people visit our website before purchasing goods or services so by reporting a scammer to us, you are closing his gates and reducing his sales. Once you send us a scam report, we will review it, rewrite it and will post it on our website. Our website visitors will also be able to post their own reviews within under your report. Let’s make this planet a scam free place.

Note: You can also use the public opinion section bellow in this page to send us a scam report.

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