Beezid Scam or Not

June 16, 2010 By: admin

First of all, keep in mind that Beezid is not a website like Ebay. If you think so or you are going to use it just like Ebay then you are wrong. You will be very disappointed. Beezid is probably not a scam but it is an extra ordinary business plan made by some real genius person. Basically to start using Beezid, you will need to purchase bids which are priced depending upon the bid pack you are purchasing and are usually less than $1.00 per bid. Brand new items are up on their website for auction and people can buy those items on much lower prices when compared to the original prices. They offer different types of auctions however the most used auction types are Standard and Reveal auctions.

In a standard auction, bidding starts at $0.00. Every time some one bids on the item, the bid price is raised by one penny $0.01 however Beezid website charges some where between $0.40 – $1.00 for every bid you place depending upon the amount of bid. This way Beezid people make a lot of money for each item placed.

For example, if a Laptop is placed on auction and its original price is $1700 whereas its current bid is at $170, they have already made around $16000 from that item considering average bid around $0.80. This ways you can get the idea of how much Beezid website is earning. Considering so much earning, I think they have no reason to be dishonest, fraudulent or scam.

People are happy with the site and so are the Beezid owners. Every one is spending money by his/her own understanding therefore Beezid should not be considered as a scam website. They seem to be legit however you should realize that if you have won a $900 laptop for $250 but you spent $500 in bids then your total spent amount equals to $750. It probably is still a good deal but not as good as it seems to be.

I don’t consider Beezid a scam but I think it is comparable to a gambling website as there is a great similarity. You are paying for an item in hope to win it and in the end you may or may not win it. Isn’t it similar to a slot machine or should I say a fancy slot machine? We cannot call it a scam in any way because they are telling you that you will have to purchase bid packs and they also tell you about bid packs cost. They have told you how it works and there is nothing hidden if you search for it. But I am also wondering if we should call it legit as well? It seems to be a gambling business in disguise of a bidding website. I really doubt that a serious person  who really want to purchase an item will consider Beezid over Ebay or other serious auction websites.

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Review Posted By Mike
Time June 9, 2011 at 9:22 pm

i agree the idea of penny auctions is genius, it seems as if they figured out a way for a win/win situation. Not too familiarly with beezid, but I use bidrack with unbelievable success.

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